Final Research Paper

Scope of the Research Paper. You are expected to draw from your knowledge of Emerging Leaders program to choose a research topic that is relevant to leadership and law enforcement. The research must connect the four stages of emerging leaders including, but not limited to, Leadership Foundations and Principles, Leadership Theories and Practices, Leadership Application and Advancement, and Leadership Competency and Mastery. It could be regional, national, or international in scope, and follow the appropriate research methodology (e.g., empirical, conceptual, narrative, action research, etc.). We invite critical perspectives on issues related to leadership and law enforcement. We are interested both in formal and informal policing contexts. The focus of the research must be on various ways that law enforcement leadership is influenced by the rapidly changing political and social climate in the United States, and how these ways present new challenges for law enforcement that require exceptional leaders to navigate through them.

You are encouraged to demonstrate how law enforcement administrators and line supervisors should possess leadership skills that allow them to connect with a wide-ranging demographic within their police agency while remaining dedicated to their primary mission of serving the public. The success of a police agency is dependent upon the effectiveness of its leaders. In the Emerging Leaders continuum, we believe that in order to truly understand law enforcement leadership, it is essential to listen to those who have led and followed in a police organization. Throughout the various stage of leadership modules from ICLD I through ICLD IV, you have gleaned further insight into effective leadership attributes, leadership training, leadership style, and the role and effectiveness of informal leaders within a police agency.

Structure of Paper: The research paper should follow the regular APA 6th edition (APA Writing Style)writing style and format including the followinga cover page, a 150 word abstract, introduction, purpose, rationale or need for the research, literature review, methodology, discussion, conclusions, recommendations, and a reference list. The paper should be in the range of 12-15 double space pages (or 2500-3000 words, not including references), 12 point font Times Roman, and appropriate APA level headings.Ultimately, the research paper should be publishable.

RubricPlease ensure you follow the Rubric as you prepare the research paper.

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