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Emerging Leaders

ICLD 2.10 Start With Why: Discussion Board

Instructor: Dr. Mitch
  1. Post a new discussion related to the topics covered in this module.  Your post needs to provide specific lessons learned with examples from this module helping you enhance your leadership capacity at work.
  2. After posting your discussion, review posts provided by other students in the class and reply to at least one of them. 

One Comment

  • Having a better understanding of how the brain operates and why an individual makes the decisions they do will clarify the decision-making process. According to Wellington, individuals who make decisions rationally tend to take a longer period of time to make decisions. Often times the individual overthinks the decision and the quality is low. An individual who follows their instinct or gut is utilizing their limbic brain. This is an instinctive feeling of knowing what the right thing to do is. These individuals have the ability to make higher quality decisions quicker (2017). I believe that in the public safety line of work it is important to master both types of decision-making skills. Each situation requires a different type of decision.
    Scott, W. (2017). Reflective leadership. 2.10, Week # 8. National Command and Staff College. Retrieved from https://cloud.scorm.com/content/courses/

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