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ICLD 3.10 Leadership and Customer Service: Discussion Board

Instructor: Dr. Mitch
  1. Post a new discussion related to the topics covered in this module.  Your post needs to provide specific lessons learned with examples from this module helping you enhance your leadership capacity at work.
  2. After posting your discussion, review posts provided by other students in the class and reply to at least one of them. 


  • There was a lot of good information in this module and the importance of customer service. One section that I found useful was about building “street credibility.” This is important to be seen as a leader that people want to follow. Being able to demonstrate expertise and reinforcing character traits with knowledge will help gain followers. Sitting and not doing anything will do nothing to establish credibility. Some of the bullet points on street credibility include:
    – Important in order to establish professional relationships within the work place
    – What you say and how you say it is important
    – When credibility is not established the message may not be received or received with open hostility
    – 1: identify issue and invite colleagues to brainstorm instead of simply announcing your own solution
    – 2: make your colleagues the primary focus – way to lose credibility is to not consider colleagues opinions
    – 3: draw your colleagues in and solicit ideas so they can be negotiated and combined with your own. Producing shared outcome
    – 4: speak at the listeners level, you are an agent of influence
    – 5: never try to avoid bad outcomes with deception, you will quickly lose your credibility
    – 6: build a reputation of sincerity
    – 7: always keep commitments to your subordinates and colleagues
    – 8: expertise gives you credibility and the right to be heard
    – 9: you must do more than articulate to be true, match your claims with what your audience believes and have to substantiate these claims. Do more than just say we’re going to make this happen, have a logistical plan
    – 10: build a successful track record

  • Hello everyone,

    I am sharing my thoughts on leadership and customer service in public safety agencies. Specifically, I found it interesting how the Police Department responded to all calls in under four minutes, as I learned in the module.

    Effective leadership plays a crucial role in ensuring that public safety agencies are able to provide excellent customer service. This includes having the right resources, training, and procedures in place to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies.

    In addition, public safety agencies need to prioritize the needs and concerns of their communities. This means listening to feedback, being transparent about decision-making processes, and working to build trust and positive relationships with community members.

    Leadership and customer service are critical components of any successful public safety agency. By prioritizing these areas, agencies can work to keep their communities safe and provide the highest level of service possible.

  • I thought the “3 Rules” were a great summary for people at all levels of an organization. 1st is “come to work” and be present. 2nd is “do an outstanding job” by making a positive impact and helping others. 3rd is “go home” and recharge, relax, and enjoy life. It seems simple, but many people don’t follow this practice. Having time to reset and recharge is essential to making sure you have a long healthy career.

    I was quite impressed by the PD that committed to providing outstanding service. Quite the achievement to get police response times to under 4 mins and all 911 communications to be answered in less that 3 seconds. Plenty of agencies these days have response times of over 15 mins and some are an hour or longer. And some 911 centers are so understaffed that calls are going over the 10 second requirement and some are going unanswered all together. Obviously in addition to quick services provided, they offered quality service which was essential to making for happy citizens and improving trust and satisfaction. All things agencies across the country should be striving for but is tough during our current staffing crisis.

    • Hi there! I completely agree that the “3 Rules” are an excellent summary for people at all levels of an organization. Being present and doing an outstanding job is essential, but it’s equally important to go home, relax, and recharge. Surprisingly, many people don’t follow this simple practice.

      I was also impressed by the PD’s commitment to providing outstanding service. Quality service is essential to making happy citizens and improving trust and satisfaction, which are crucial goals for any agency. This is something agencies nationwide should strive for, even though it can be challenging during our current staffing crisis.

    • I was also impressed with their ability to reduce call wait times and response times. Unfortunately, in my agency there are days we will have a hundred calls pending on an average day and it’s almost impossible to get to them that quick unless it’s a priority. However, we can still encourage good customer service when the officers to get to the calls to make people feel that they are important and being cared for. I always try to encourage officers to go to calls and treat the citizens like they would a loved family member and make sure they are taken care of properly. I also agree with Jamie that at the end of the day it is important to go home and take care of yourself, being a public servant can be tiring and it’s good to go home and recharge for the next shift.

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