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ICLD 3.11 Cyrus on Leadership: Discussion Board

Instructor: Dr. Mitch
  1. Post a new discussion related to the topics covered in this module.  Your post needs to provide specific lessons learned with examples from this module helping you enhance your leadership capacity at work.
  2. After posting your discussion, review posts provided by other students in the class and reply to at least one of them. 

One Comment

  • I had never heard of Cyrus the Great prior to this lesson. This was an interesting summary of the book and his leadership principles. I feel a lot of the things we’ve covered so far is this course are similar to his leadership style. Cyrus believed true leaders lead from the front and set high standards that his troops would want to follow. Cyrus was genuinely concerned with the welfare of his troops and did everything he could do take care of his people. He expressed gratitude often and provided necessary equipment and training which increased motivation and productivity. Cyrus reiterated often that one cannot let their own ego get in the way. They must lead with a servant style and put others before themselves for the greater good. Cyrus also explained that leaders must be ethical, have high integrity, and be brave to be credible. He also reiterated the importance of being a great communicator and elaborated that brevity and decisiveness were important characteristics.

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