Emerging Leaders Program

Emerging Leaders

My goal in everything I do is to always make sure I’m the best in whatever position I hold, but also to set me up for that next jump up. My goal during my career is to move up the chain of command and go as high as I can achieve. The ICLD classes I believe will help facilitate that change by having the basic knowledge of how to become the best leader possible. I say basic knowledge because although I have completed X amount of hours of this training, leadership is always evolving, it’s always needed, and you have to continue to learn every day.” _ March 2019

“Overall, I took a lot away from this course. There were many evenings when I was with my wife and shared something interesting from one of the lessons, and sparked long discussions both work and family oriented. I appreciated how the course went deep into the mindset of leadership and the values that make up a good leader. I know that some of the material helped me be a better husband and father at home, and I know that translates back to the office. Work life is far more productive when all is well at home!” – May 2018

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“Emerging Leaders” courses have helped, transformed, and confirmed the way I desire to work and the ways I desire to live my life. Leadership/Management has been something that I have wanted to do and wanted to be but one thing that has kept me from fully committing is my weaknesses. With this training it has encouraged me that my weakness can in fact be strength and that with Integrity, Humility, Compassion, Empathy, and Determination I can and will make a difference and represent Law Enforcement with Honor. Thank You for this training it has grown me and encouraged me!”

Brandon Jokinen, Corrections Officer, Isanti County Sheriff’s Office/Jail

“I am in my 41st year of law enforcement and I absolutely loved the layout of the courses, the material, especially bringing history, theoretical references, ethics along with military and para-military styles into play—a great learning experience for old dogs or young pups.  I recommend the Emerging leaders course to all!

Commander Paul Tschida, Operations, Carver County Sheriff’s Office


  • Arkansas Sheriffs’ Association
  • Badger State Sheriffs’ Association
  • California Tactical Officers Association
  • Colorado County Sheriffs’ Association
  • Indiana County Sheriffs’ Association
  • Iowa Sheriffs’ and Deputies’ Association
  • National Sheriffs’ Association
  • National Tactical Officers’ Association
  • Minnesota County Sheriffs’ Association
  • South Dakota Sheriffs’ Association


  • Arkansas State Police
  • Louisiana Department of Correction
  • North Carolina Department Adult Corrections
  • South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation
  • South Dakota Law Enforcement Academy
  • South Dakota Highway Patrol
  • Wisconsin Training & Standards Bureau


  • Apex Police Department
  • Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office
  • Atlantic Beach Police Department
  • Bexar County Sheriff’s Office
  • Bladen County Sheriff’s Office
  • Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office
  • Camden County Sheriff’s Office
  • Carteret County Sheriff’s Office
  • Dane County Sheriff’s Office
  • El centro Police Department
  • Fuquay-Varina Police Department
  • Garner Police Department
  • Guilford County Sheriff’s Office
  • Harris County Sheriff’s Office
  • Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office
  • Los Angeles Police Department
  • Madison County Sheriff’s Office
  • Holly Springs Police Department
  • Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office
  • Morrisville Police Department
  • New York City Police Department (NYPD)
  • Ogden Police Department
  • Pennington County Sheriff’s Office
  • Pasco County Sheriff’s Office
  • Pierce County Sheriff’s Office
  • Pinal County Sheriff’s Office
  • Plaquemine Parish Sheriff’s Office
  • Rapid City Police Department
  • Rock County Sheriff’s Office
  • Seminole County Sheriff’s office
  • Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office
  • John Parish Sheriff’s Office
  • Statesville Police Department
  • Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office
  • Travis County Sheriff’s Office
  • Union County Sheriff’s Office
  • Washington County Sheriff’s Office
  • Washoe County Sheriff’s Office
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