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ICLD 3.2 Founding Fathers on Leadership: Discussion Board

Instructor: Dr. Mitch
  1. Post a new discussion related to the topics covered in this module.  Your post needs to provide specific lessons learned with examples from this module helping you enhance your leadership capacity at work.
  2. After posting your discussion, review posts provided by other students in the class and reply to at least one of them. 

One Comment

  • I could absolutely relate to Schultz expressing the importance of making decisive decisions when you are in a leadership role. He explained that individuals will be come frustrated with the process if it take a long time for leadership to make a decision on the matters at hand(Schultz, 2017). I have seen this occur on many occasions; leadership will ask for recommendations and ask for workgroups to be put together. Once these are completed, months go by with no answer, the members become very frustrated and feel like their voice doesn’t matter and that they wasted their time. As a supervisor, I try to let my members know that I have addressed their concerns and have brought them to the attention of upper management as soon as possible so they are aware that it has been addressed timely.
    Schultz, H. (2017). Founding fathers on leadership. 3.2, Week # 9. National Command and Staff College. Retrieved from

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